Firebase Authentication

Firebase Authentication is a service by Google that allows you to authenticate users to your application. You can integrate Firebase directly with Feathery to build forms for login and signup.

What you need#

  • An active Feathery account and form
  • A Firebase account

How to activate#

  1. Open Firebase, create a project, and navigate to its settings. Copy your API Key, Project ID, App ID, and Sender ID to your clipboard.
  2. Navigate to the Feathery form that you want to track. Click on the Connect tab.
  3. Find the Firebase integration, and paste in your API Key, Project ID, App ID, and Sender ID.
  4. Click Save, and you’re now ready to build authentication into your Feathery forms.


In the Feathery visual editor, the Login field under Advanced Fields will become available once you've activated your Firebase integration. Once the field has been added, you can modify the supported login methods under Properties

The Pin Input field will also become available when Firebase is enabled. Under Properties, you can set the field to verify a SMS code from a Firebase-generated phone verifcation text from a Login field.

When creating navigation rules between steps, you can also use the logged in and not logged in conditions if you're checking if a step is loaded.

For Developers#

You can access Feathery's instance of the Firebase SDK from the global firebase object. This allows you to perform custom authentication-related Firebase operations beyond what Feathery provides. This object becomes accessible after a form with Firebase enabled is loaded by the user. However, if you preload a form with Firebase when the Feathery library is initialized, you can access firebase after initialization.