Embed Plaid in your forms to collect financial information automatically from your user's bank accounts

What you need#

How to set up#

  1. Navigate to the Feathery form where you want to embed Plaid. Click on the Connect tab.
  2. Open the Plaid integration, turn it on, and fill out the template with your API Client ID, API Secret, and the Plaid environment they belong to. E.g. if you're just testing your integration, you can use Sandbox or Development. Change to Production when you're ready to start collecting data for real.
  3. Specify which Plaid data you would like to collect and which hidden fields they should be stored in. If you leave a hidden field blank, that piece of data will not be collected from the user.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to your form builder and add a button to a step.
  6. Set the Click Action on the button to Trigger Plaid Flow, which will take your users through the Plaid flow when they click the button.
  7. Publish your form to start collecting Plaid financial data.

Available Plaid Data#

  1. Bank Name: the name that the bank assigns to the selected account. This will contain the institution's name, and some information about the account type.
  2. Bank Account Name: the name that the user assigned to the selected account.
  3. Bank Account Address: the contact address(es) associated with the selected account
  4. Account Transaction History: the transactions from the last 6 months for the selected account
  5. Bank Account Balance: the currently available balance of the selected account.

All data pulled will correspond to the same account. If the user has not selected a specific account for their institution (i.e. Account Select has not been enabled), we will use the first account returned by Plaid.

For Developers#

After the user has linked their Plaid account and submitted that step, their Plaid field information will be available in context.submitFields of the onSubmit callback.

Example: Send Plaid Data via Zapier#

If you'd like to send the Plaid data you've collected to another system, you can do so with Zapier:

  1. Activate the Plaid integration:

    Fill Plaid Connect Form

  2. Set up the button to trigger Plaid for users on your form:

    Set Plaid Trigger

  3. Activate the Zapier integration:

    Connect Zapier

  4. Set up a Zap. Authenticate using the API key under your global Feathery settings.

    Write a Zap

  5. Fill out your form with Plaid data to test of the Zap trigger. You can use the username user_good and password pass_good with any institution to get fake Plaid data in Sandbox.

    Test Plaid Flow

  6. Verify that Zapier is receiving the Plaid data and you've connected your Zap correctly.

    Check Zap Trigger

  7. Send your data using your Zap and activate it!

    Send Data With Zap

Example: Form Step Routing via Plaid Data#

If you'd like to conditionally route your user to different form steps using Plaid data you've collected, here's how:

  1. Activate the Plaid integration. (Make note of which hidden fields you store your Plaid data into)

    Fill Plaid Connect Form

  2. Set up the button to trigger Plaid for users on your form.

    Set Plaid Trigger

  3. Set up your step navigation rule using the Plaid hidden field(s) and publish!