Repeating Rows


A step in your form may need to show a dynamic number of elements. For example, you might need to render a variable number of buttons and associated descriptions based on the number of options a user has to choose from, which is calculated in real-time.

In this case, you can take advantage of our Repeating Rows feature. In your Feathery dashboard step editor, enable and specify which rows of the form are allowed to repeat. Then, in your React code integration, you can set the custom fields you want to repeat (e.g. in the onSubmit prop).


In the non-repeating world, you might want to render a text variable called offer and called context.setValues({'offer': 'My Favorite Offer'}). In order to render multiple offers and have the user choose between them, you set your repeating rows from the dashboard and then update your code to call context.setValues({'offer': ['My Favorite Offer', '2nd Favorite Offer'}). Repeating fields must always be wrapped in an array.