View our interactive demo or follow step-by-step instructions to set up a Feathery form in under 5 minutes.

Creating your form

1. Create a form

After signing up for your free Feathery account, you can choose a template to create your first form.

Check out the Sample Guide form in your new organization to learn your way around.

2. Customize your form

Next, you'll be redirected into the editor. You can add form elements from the left side panel, and by clicking on the elements in your form template, you'll be able to edit their properties and styles on the right side panel. You can also update your form layout by adding, removing, and splitting cells.

3. Publish

The editor autosaves your form for you as a working draft. You can make changes to it over multiple sessions until you're ready to publish by pressing the Publish button in the upper right of your screen. To share, click Live Form, which will open a new tab with a unique URL for your form that you can copy and paste.

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