We address some frequently asked questions about building your form.
How do I create a back button?
Change your back button's Click Action to Go to Previous Step
I need to adjust my form's Feathery brand position, autofocus behavior, autocomplete behavior, error style, or other settings. Where do I do this?
All form-wide configurations can be found in your form Settings tab. If there's a configuration you need but don't see, please let us know!
How do I invite someone to my organization?
Go to your global settings found in the bottom left of the main navigation with a settings cog icon. On your Team tab, click "Invite Team" in the top right corner.
What do the dimensions "Fit" and "Fill" do?
Fit and Fill make it even easier for your form to be responsive on different devices. Find out what's right for your situation here.
How do I design my mobile form?
Select the Mobile Viewport in the page header to set unique styles and layouts for your mobile form. Learn more about responsive styling here.
How do I set a custom domain for my forms?
You can set a custom domain in your global settings page.
Can I preview my form?
After publishing, you can quickly skim though your form with preview, located in the publish dropdown menu.
Why can't I place elements or containers in the mobile layout?
You must go to the desktop or unconstrained viewport to add new things to your form. Use the Visibility control in the Layout section of the Style tab to hide and display different basic elements on desktop or mobile.
Why won't my element or container alignment update?
If you have an element or container nested inside another container, you may have conflicting alignments applied. Check the nested element or container to modify the alignment directly. This will override the parent level alignment. Read more about alignment here.
How do I restore my form to the last published version?
Feathery autosaves your form as you are making changes, creating a new draft as needed. When you publish, the draft becomes the new published version. Sometimes, you may wish to abandon your form's latest draft and revert back to the last published version. The form's share menu is available as a dropdown menu on the right side of the Publish button. The "Restore last published" menu item in the form's share menu allows you to restore.

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