Payment Method

The Payment Method field, backed by Stripe, allows users to securely enter a PCI-compliant credit card number.

Once the Stripe integration is activated and set up, the Payment Method field will become available to use for capturing payment information as part of a payment flow. Presently, only credit cards are supported.

This payment method field may be dragged anywhere onto your form and is the only way to enter payment/card information in your form to be passed securely to Stripe. The payment method field collects the card number, CVC, expiration month/year and postal code. It supports standard styling.

Once your end user fills the field and submits the step, the payment method will be automatically saved into the customer record in Stripe.

For Developers

The Feathery SDK and API reference payment method fields with type equal to payment_method. The submitted value is json. The value of this field is read-only and not settable via the SDK.

Example value:

    card_data: {
        brand: "discover",
        last4: "1117",
        country: "US",
        exp_year: 2029
        exp_month: 9
    stripe_payment_method_id: "pm_aD45hG60f3twY"

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