UTM Parameters

How to track UTM Parameters in Feathery

Here are the steps to track UTM parameters in Feathery

  1. Create Hidden Fields for each UTM parameter type you want to track (ex: utm_medium, utm_content, etc). These need to match the exact casing/format that will be passed into the form url (or the url of the page that your form is embedded on)

  2. If your form is embedded on your own custom website, make sure you have the "Save hidden fields in URL if embedded" setting enabled in your form under the settings tab of that form

  3. Then, when you link your form, attach the relevant utm parameters to the URL such as form.feathery.io/XYZ?utm_medium=X&utm_content=Y

  4. Your passed-in UTM parameters will then be stored in the Results tab under hidden fields. You can also reference these UTM hidden fields in your integrations

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