Connect an Auth Integration

The first step in building your login flow is to connect your form to an authentication provider like Stytch or Firebase.

Quick start

While you can use any of Feathery's auth integrations, our examples will use Stytch.


Use a Feathery template to try our Stytch integration for user authentication. Choose one of the templates below and click Preview Template to test them out directly.

The templates are set up with the Feathery-hosted method and allow you to log into our demo app. Our demo app source code can be found here.

If you prefer to start from scratch, you can set up your login fields manually.

Feathery signup templates have a test Stytch key that allows you & a small number of users to experiment with a fully-functional Feathery signup flow. Replace this test key with your own when you're ready to launch!

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