Permissions and User Groups

Feathery allows you granular control over each of your teammate's permissions and user groups.

Roles and Permissions

Each member of your team (including you) is assigned a role. A role is a combination of permissions and determines the set of behaviors and actions that a user can take in their Feathery account.

The role can be edited when new team members are being invited or configured by clicking the pencil icon next to the existing user's role.

Default Roles

The standard available user roles are Admin, Editor, and Viewer. In addition to the standard permissions that come with each role, more granular permissions can be configured as well.


Administrators have the permissions of an editor and administrative access to Feathery, including the ability to invite new users, set roles & user groups, and manage billing.


Editors have the permissions of a viewer and the ability to create, edit, and delete forms.


Viewers may view available forms and form results.

Custom Roles

Aside from the default roles that Feathery provides, you can define your own custom roles with custom sets of permissions. Below are some of the permissions you can choose from when configuring a custom role.

Permission List

  • Administrative access (account settings, inviting users, configuring permissions, manage billing, etc.)

  • Create forms

  • Delete forms

  • Modify form design

  • Modify form theme

  • Modify form results

  • Modify form integrations

  • Modify form custom logic

  • Invite users (collaborators) to fill forms

  • Edit the collaborator template (# of users per submission, who can edit which fields)

  • View specific results (filtered on field value)

  • Run A/B test

User Groups

User groups allow specific accounts to only have access to specific forms or fields. You can define user groups by clicking the pencil icon next to the User Groups label. Once you've created your user groups, you can assign new users to a specific group so they only have access to specific forms.

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