Track your core form conversion metrics natively in Feathery to understand how users interact with your forms.

Feathery has native analytics for tracking user form submissions, views, conversion, and drop-off over the entire form and on a per-step basis. Understand how your users are interacting with your forms.

Below is a list of a few metrics natively tracked within Feathery for each of your forms:

New Submissions - the # of new users who have submitted a step of your form over a period of time. This includes partial submissions.

Step-by-Step Funnel Drop-Off: The % of users that go through each step of your form (ex: 100% of users start at Step 1, then only 70% of those move to Step 2, 50% to Step 3, etc)

New Viewers - the # of new users who have viewed your form over a period of time.

Average Time - time (in seconds) that it takes on average for your users across a period of time to complete the form. This time is measured as the difference between when they first started the form and when they complete the form.

Average Completion Rate - the # of form completions divided by the # of new form sessions over a period of time.

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