Street Address Line 1

The Street Address Line 1 field allows users to enter the first line of an autocompleted street address powered by Google Maps.

The Address Line 1 field displays a search-as-you-go dropdown of addresses that autocomplete the address fields when you select an option. The address data is powered by Google Maps.

The Address Line 1 field specifically collects the first line of a street address.

Typing into this field triggers a dropdown to appear, which allows the user to select an address from the list. If other address fields are present on the step (Address Line 2, City, State, Zip Code), those fields will also be populated with the relevant values from the selection.

Feathery uses Google Maps API to support address autocomplete.

For Developers

The Feathery SDK and API reference address line 1 fields with type equal to gmap_line_1. The submitted value is a string.

To access the Google Maps API data, including address components and latitude / longitude, you can subscribe to the change event for this field and access integrationData.

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