Purchase Products

Once you have set up a product selection interface and have your user choice(s) in hidden fields, you may use a button or container to trigger the payment/checkout. This is configured by adding a Checkout Cart action to the button (or container) as illustrated below. This action will cause the previously selected products to be purchased.

The Checkout Cart action triggers either a direct payment in Stripe or a redirect to a Stripe checkout page. This is determined by the previously configured Stripe integration setting for How to collect payments.

All Stripe products must be configured in the Stripe dashboard with a default price and currency. Products with both one-time and recurring price structures (i.e. subscriptions) are supported and may be purchased together. Feathery will auto-create a subscription in Stripe when products with a recurring price are purchased.

Promotion Codes

Currently, promotion codes are only available and supported when using Stripe checkout. Promotion codes are not supported on an in-form custom payment flow.


Feathery supports Stripe auto-calculation and charging for tax when integrating using Stripe checkout only. Set up all relevant tax registrations and tax codes in your Stripe dashboard in order to properly charge for tax.

Your customer's address information is used in the Stripe tax calculation. Therefore, you may optionally setup your customer's address information in Stripe using customer field mapping. If you decide not to do this or your customers have incomplete address information in Stripe at checkout time, Feathery will configure the Stripe checkout to collect a complete customer billing address in order to accurately compute the tax.

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