How to Set Field Values

There are many ways you can set a Feathery form or hidden field value.

Aside from the user manually entering values for form fields, there are a variety of ways you can automatically set the values for both form and hidden fields.

Default Value

You can set the default value of your field by selecting it in the Designer, going to the Properties tab, and setting a value under Default Value.

URL Parameters

If you chose to send your users to your Feathery-hosted form rather than embed your form, you can pre-populate fields in your form by adding the values to your URL. The structure of field values set from our hosted form URLs looks like<form slug>/?<field-id>=<field-value>. To specify multiple values for a given field, you can specify the query parameter in the URL multiple times.

Custom Logic

Using Feathery's custom logic feature, you can update field values without writing code or with basic Javascript.

Embed Library

If you've embedded your form via Feathery's embed library, you can use a function to easily set field values for that user.

Public API

You can send requests to Feathery's public API to update field values for any of your users.

Third-Party Integrations

A number of our data enrichment integrations, such as Plaid, will automatically populate the fields that you map to their data properties when the user activates them.

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