How to Set Field Values

There are many ways you can set a Feathery form or hidden field value.
Aside from the user manually entering values for form fields, there are a variety of ways you can automatically set the values for both form and hidden fields.

URL Parameters

If you chose to send your users to your Feathery-hosted form rather than embed your form, you can pre-populate fields in your form by adding the values to your URL. The structure of field values set from our hosted form URLs looks like<form slug>/?<field-id>=<field-value>. To specify multiple values for a given field, you can specify the query parameter in the URL multiple times.

Third-Party Integrations

A number of our data enrichment integrations, such as Plaid, will automatically populate the fields that you map to their data properties when the user activates them.

Developer SDK & API

If you've embedded your form via Feathery's embed library, you can use a function to easily set field values for that user.
Alternatively, you can send requests to Feathery's public API to create or modify field values for any of your users.