The Signature field presents a canvas that users can use to draw a signature.

The Signature field allows you to collect a signature from the user. Feathery allows you to collect legally-binding signatures.

Signature Methods

You may toggle the available signature methods for users. They can either type, draw, or do both to generate their signature.

Signature Workflows

You may want to use Feathery's collaboration workflow feature to invite multiple users to collaborate on a single form, collect multiple signatures in one submission, and restrict each user to filling out specific form sections.

Feathery Documents also allow you to collect e-signatures directly on documents with the same signature element.

For Developers

The Feathery SDK and API reference signature fields with type equal to signature. The submitted value is a Base64 string.

To trim the whitespace around the signature, it's best to perform server-side processing on your image file.

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