Completion Criteria

There are a few rules for determining if your end users have completed your form or not.

Your end user is considered to have completed your form once they fill out all of the required fields in the form, reach an exit point in the form, or reach a terminal step of the form.

They can reach an exit point in a few ways:

  1. Click a button with a Go to Step action that doesn't have a next step specified.

  2. Open a link that replaces the current form instead of opening in a new tab.

A terminal step is one that has no connections to other steps, no required fields to be saved, and no elements that have click actions of Go to Step or Open Link in the same window. For example, a final Thank you step is a common example of a terminal step.

Note that you can design your form to have no exit points or terminal steps, and then submissions will never be considered "completed".

Your form is by default editable by your end users when they come back to it, but you can turn edits off in your form settings.

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