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Custom Fields

Build a custom field by composing multiple Feathery elements together.
While Feathery does allow you to specify custom components, you can also create custom fields directly from the visual editor by composing multiple Feathery elements.


Button group with custom layout

Feathery's default button group styles all options the same way. Using individual buttons allows for custom styling, such as the double-wide "Something else?" text field.
If the default button group field layout doesn't work for your use case, you can build your own field with a custom layout.
The field above is built with individual buttons configured with the Save Value to Field click action. Specify the custom value to store on click, and then connect the button to a field where the value will be stored. If you want the user to only be able to select a single button, you can re-use the same field across all of the buttons in the field. If you want multi-select behavior, use a different field per button so they don't override each other on click.
If the button click action is Save Value To Field, you can configure the value to store and the field to store the value into. The button will appear toggled when selected. Clicking the button again clears the value from the field.

Multi-select button group with card layout

You can use Containers to create unique card layouts.
By setting the background color of a container and using the Store Value to Field click action, you are able to make a clickable card group consisting of any elements you desire. In the image above the first three cards are made with a checkbox field and a few text elements. The last card is just a checkbox and a text field.
If you select a checkbox as the field type there is no value to specify. The action will toggle the checkbox based on the previous value.