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Launch Forms

Once you've built your form, Feathery has powerful features for launching your form securely and reliably.

Publish Form

To publish your form, click the Publish button in the top-right corner of the Build tab. Changes will be delivered immediately to your users.


Skim through your form after publishing with Preview. You can open a preview from the publish dropdown menu.

Embed Form

To embed your form into an existing webpage or application, you can leverage
  • Our React SDK for embedding your form into your custom React application
  • Our Javascript code snippet for embedding your form into any other website (e.g. Webflow, Shopify, etc.)


Clicking the Live Form link under the publish button will take to your live Feathery-hosted form. Data filled out here will live in your Production environment under the Results tab.
Clicking the Preview link will take you to your test Feathery-hosted form. Form previews allow you to navigate around at-will, and data filled here will live in your Development environment under the Results tab.

Powerful Form Features

  • Forms are by default responsive to different screen sizes
  • Automatic tracking of a user's progress (data & location) for incomplete sessions and returns
  • Conversion tools
    • Automatically progress when a field is filled
    • Browser back and forward buttons for navigation
    • Aria labels for accessibility
    • Etc.