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React SDK

@feathery/react is a React library that allows you to embed Feathery forms, access form state, and modify form behavior.
@feathery/react is a library you can use to embed a Feathery form anywhere in your React app or website. It also supports granular customization of your form logic, components, and design.

What you need


You can install @feathery/react directly from NPM.
npm install @feathery/react
yarn add @feathery/react
@feathery/react is compatible with React 16.8+ (the one with React Hooks).

Quickstart example

The following is a React component that renders a Feathery form. Make sure to replace SDKKey and formName with your relevant info.
import { init, Form } from '@feathery/react';
function App() {
// Initialize Feathery
// Show the `formName` Feathery form
return <Form formName='<formName>' />

API Guide