Build a Payment Flow

Stripe is one of the leading payments providers. Use Feathery’s Stripe integration to:
  • Gather and store payment method information (e.g. a credit card)
  • Provide product selection functionality
  • Accept online payments.

What you need

Planning for payments

Determine how you plan to integrate Stripe with Feathery. You can choose to only collect payment info (credit cards) for future charges or you can build a full payment flow in which you collect a payment through Feathery using Stripe.
If you plan to use Feathery for collecting payments you will construct a payment flow in a Feathery form. The payment flow has two parts:
  1. 1.
    Selection of products, services, plans, etc. that will be paid for.
  2. 2.
    Checkout and payment.
Feathery leverages Stripe products and prices for all payments and requires that these be configured in Stripe ahead of time. Using Feathery, you can custom design form step(s) to allow the user to select products, services, plans, etc. that they wish to purchase. These always correspond to Stripe products, each of which has a price, etc. configured in Stripe.
Feathery offers you two basic ways to do the checkout and payment portion of the flow:
  • Custom checkout all within a Feathery form. You have control over the user experience but ultimately your form will collect the payment information and initiate the payment in Stripe.
  • Stripe Checkout. Stripe supports automatically generated checkout pages that present a purchase summary, collects payment information and enables the user to pay. In this scenario, Feathery redirects to Stripe checkout after the user has selected products or services.