Word Doc Autofill

Automatically fill and route Word doc templates from your form submission data

If you upload a Word doc template, you can include variables in your document via double-curly brace syntax ({{Field1}}). Feathery will automatically replace variables with the corresponding field value when you fill them out.

Fields can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores when being used in Word Doc Autofill. Other characters may cause the generation to fail by reading the field name as a formula instead.

Templating Logic

Feathery supports Jinja templating logic for advanced use cases such as conditionally showing/hiding sections, generating sections in a loop, formulas, and more.

Conditional Logic

You can support conditionally showing or hiding any content / pages using the {%p syntax show below:

{%p if display_paragraph %}
One or many paragraphs
{%p endif %}

In this example, we have a checkbox field called display_paragraph in our form that is either true or false.

The first and last paragraphs (those containing {%p ... %} tags) will never appear in generated Word doc, regardless of the display_paragraph value.

Here only:

One or many paragraphs

will appear in the generated docx if display_paragraph is True, otherwise, no paragraph at all are displayed.

You can insert anything within the tag, such as paragraphs, whole pages, etc.

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