Document Signature Workflows

Fill out and sign your documents directly.

Feathery supports a combination of autofilling document templates and manually signing / entering information into the document as well.

Standalone Signatures

You can manually invite users via email to sign documents or sign them directly yourself.

Form-Initiated Signature Workflow

You can automatically fill document templates based on user interactions with a Feathery form. You can also optionally route the document out for signature / manual input afterwards.

All form-initiated workflows will start by prefilling the document with any existing form submission data that has been mapped to fields in the document.

Redirect to Signature Flow

If you configure a button in your form with the Sign Document action, you'll be able to allow your form users to sign documents directly as part of the form flow.

Email Invite to Signature Flow

Configure in Email integration

In your form email integration, you can add a link to an Feathery document for your email recipient to sign by including {{FeatheryDocument:<DOCUMENT_ID>}}, where <DOCUMENT_ID> is the unique ID of the document to sign.

The document to sign will already be autofilled with data from the current submission based on the relevant field mappings.

Configure in Documents

You can set up a fill trigger for your document template when a field value is changed or a form submission is completed.

For example, you may want to route a contract out for signature once a form submission is approved. You can annotate the document with a signature field, then set the document trigger to be when the approval status field value is changed to Approved.

When a submission is approved, the document will automatically be sent out for signature.

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