Export Form Submission PDF

Export your form submissions in a formatted PDF

Feathery allows generating new documents from scratch if you don't have an existing document template you want to fill out. Once you have a form you wish to export to a PDF, there are two ways to generate/export it.

  • Once users have completed the form you may go to the Results tab in the form editor and select submissions you wish to export. On the submission details screen, use the "Export to PDF' button to have the system export the form submission data to a PDF and email it to you. Do this for each submission you are interested in.

  • You may also choose to have the form PDF export mailed to some email addresses upon various events such as form completion, etc. Use the email integration found on the form editor's integrations tab to do this. Select the email integration and during setup check the "Attach PDF Export" checkbox and save it.

Feathery will automatically generate a PDF document that includes a page (or more) per step of the form and contains step names, field labels, and field values.


To customize the formatting of your PDF, go to your form Settings and select the Submission PDF tab. You'll be able to customize dimensions, elements, font styles, and more.

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