Email Invite

You may invite all of your form collaborators via email to access and edit the submission.

If you choose to invite your submission collaborators via email, you'll have the option to include an invite message and specify their emails or groups.

Ordered vs Unordered Collaboration

If on the first step, you specified that the collaborators should fill out the submission in-order, only the first collaborator per submission will initially receive the invite email. The next collaborator in line will only receive an invitation once the previous collaborator has completed their part of the submission.

If collaboration is unordered, all collaborators will receive their email invitations at once.

Invite Users

There are two ways you can invite collaborators via email.

Enter user emails or groups directly

Each invite corresponds to one of the collaborators on a single form submission, and the # of invites you see corresponds to the # of collaborators you specified on the first step of the flow.

Invites may be sent to both individual user emails and user groups. If a user group is configured as a collaborator, everyone in the group is emailed an invite and may perform that collaboration task. User groups may be configured under account settings with the appropriate admin privilege.

Bulk invite users

You can bulk invite several groups of users via a CSV upload. This also gives you the ability to pre-fill their submissions with existing user data.

CSV Format

Feathery assumes the first row of your uploaded CSV are the column headers, and every subsequent row corresponds to one form submission.

Assuming you have N collaborators defined for each of your form submissions, the first N columns of the CSV should contain the email addresses corresponding to the collaborators you want to invite.

Also, you are able to specify multiple emails or user groups for each collaborator. Use the pipe ('|') character to separate individual emails an/or user group names in each collaborator "cell" (see below).

Each (optional) subsequent column will contain the field data you want to prefill into the corresponding submission. Its header will be the field ID you've defined in Feathery, and each subsequent row will contain the field value to prefill for that submission.

CSV Example

The following CSV example is for bulk inviting 6 users across 3 form submissions with 2 collaborators each. For each submission, we are pre-filling collaborator 1 and 2's names as well.

Customize Email Invitations

From the collaborator email invite flow, you can customize basic email properties such as the invite message and subject line.

If you'd like to completely customize the invite email experience, you can set up emails in the email integration that trigger when a collaborator is invited. These emails will send in place of the default invitation email, and you can specify the specific collaborator that the email will trigger for.

To include the collaborator form link, use the variable placeholder {{Collaborator Form Link}}.

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