Review, Edit & Approve

Build complex submission review & approval flows with Feathery

You can review, edit, and approve form submissions directly from your Results tab in the Feathery dashboard. This allows an authorized reviewer to greenlight a submission before further actions are taken, such as triggering emails, integrations, other forms, and more.

Set up the approval field

The first step to build an approval flow is to set your approval field. This can be an actual field on your form, like a dropdown, or it can be a hidden field that only your internal Feathery teammates can control. Use a form field if you want the approval status to be modifiable from the form itself. Otherwise, use a hidden field.

Status Options

If you choose to use a form field like a dropdown, you'll be able to set the status options via the Designer. If you choose to use a hidden field, you can set options for the hidden field by navigating to your results, into a submission that has the hidden field, right click the overflow icon next to the hidden field value, and select Field Options.

Approval workflow example

Your approval workflow might look something like this:

  1. The form filler submits an entry for review.

  2. The email integration is set up to notify your team when the form is completed and ready for review.

  3. You or a teammate opens up their submission in Feathery and reviewers their information. If the submission is invalid, you set their approval field status to Rejected. If the submission is valid, set the status to Approved.

  4. You have other integrations, such as email or Hubspot, set up so that when the approval field status is set to Approved, additional notifications go out and their approved submission data is routed to the right locations.

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