Unique Submission Links

You can access a form submission via a unique link to edit across browsers.

The edit link is of the form https://form.feathery.io/to/<FORM SLUG>?_id=<USER ID> , where USER ID can be any unique identifier of your user. It's easy for you to manually generate a unique link, but you can also access them from Feathery in two ways.

You can generate a unique form submission link to use by clicking Share Submission Link towards the bottom of the Publish dropdown.

To get the unique link to an existing user submission, go to the Results tab and select one of your submissions. Then, click the Open Submission in Form button at the top.

Use cases


You can send multiple users the same unique form link to allow them to collaborate on filling out a single form.

Feathery also supports powerful collaboration workflows for advanced collaboration use cases.

Edit across devices

If a user has access to their unique submission link, they'll be able to access it from any device to come back and edit their old submission.

Feathery allows you to email your users an edit link to their old submission. Simply set up the email integration on your form and include {{Feathery Edit Link}} in your email body where you want the edit link to be included.

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