Visual Builder Update | 3/13

Optimize your work flow for the new Feathery visual builder

What's changed?

We deeply appreciate every user who has been with Feathery! We want to make this new change as smooth as possible so you can build forms even faster.
Here are some things to know about the new and improved visual builder...

1. Placing elements got easier

You can now drag multiple elements into one cell or container.
You no longer have to create one cell for each element.

2. Layout creation is now faster

You can now update your spacing and alignment at the top levels of your form.
You no longer have to create a grid to place and space your elements.
Select the parent container as shown above to modify the nested element alignment and edit the gaps for consistent spacing. You can also override the nested element and container alignment by selecting these objects directly.

3. Your form has been optimized for the new layout

Once you have opted into the new builder experience, you'll notice your form is a little different. Our team has automated your layout update so you can pick up where you left off.
Have any issues with your form migration? Contact us at [email protected] or Slack us for personalized help.

That's it!

Check out your Sample Guide form to get more of the basics down.



Why won't my element or container alignment update?
If you have an element or container nested inside another container, you may have conflicting alignments applied. Check the nested element or container to modify the alignment directly. This will override the parent level alignment.
How do I select a parent container?
You can find the breadcrumb for any selected object in the header of the right panel. You can also click on the blue object tag in the top left corner of your selected object to expand the container list. Check out the Guide form we added to your organization for more detailed instructions.
My object is nested inside a container that I want to remove. How do I simplify the group?
Right click on the parent container to Release children from the actions menu. This will remove the selected container and add the objects inside will move up to the outer container.
Why do I see overlapping elements and containers?
If you put an element or container inside a smaller container, you will see overflow. Check the object breadcrumb to see if there are any parent containers smaller than the object you want to scale up.
I applied Spacing to an element or a container but I'm not seeing any changes to my layout. Why?
If the container has multiple objects inside, check the container height or width. If the container is set to fit for those dimensions, you won't see automatic spacing applied. You can add a Gap, change the container dimension to fill, or a px value. Read more about spacing here.

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