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Feathery supports advanced collaboration use cases for form workflows.
Feathery allows form designers to invite multiple users to collaborate on a single form submission. They can specify the number of collaborators, assign fields, ordering, and more.
Collaboration workflows are accessible via your form publish dropdown, towards the bottom.

Define your collaborator settings

You have the ability to specify how many people will be collaborating on a single submission, along with which fields each collaborator will be able to fill out. You can also specify if you want them to fill out the form sequentially or not via the Set Collaborator Order toggle.
Feathery stores your configuration into a template, so it's easily accessible the next time you're looking to invite users.

Choose how to start the submission(s)

Completion Criteria

Now that there are multiple collaborators on a submission, the submission isn't considered "complete" until each one of the collaborators has completed their section. You should set up your event triggers accordingly.

Track Pending Collaborator

For ordered collaborative submissions, you can track the current collaborator whose turn it is to work on the submission. For unordered submissions, you can view all collaborators who still need to complete the submission.
To do this, go to your form results and click Edit Table View. Then, update your table view with a column for the Pending Collaborator attribute. Collaborative submissions will automatically show the pending collaborator in that column.
If you're an admin or the pending collaborator, you can click on the submission and see a button called Open Collaborative Submission, which you can click on to continue working on that collaborator's part of the submission.

Send Custom Emails to Collaborators

When your collaborator template is defined, you'll now see a toggle on your email integration that allows you to define the email recipients as the collaborators on the form submission. This is useful if you want to send a custom email to all of the users who collaborated on a submission.

End User Collaboration Control

You have collaboration-related click actions available to set on your form to allow your end users to control the collaboration routing sequence.

Audit Logs

When the collaboration template is defined, you'll be able to attach an audit log to emails sent out via your email integration. The audit log will contain IP address and timestamps for when each collaborator was:
  • Invited
  • Viewed the form
  • Edited the form
  • Completed their part of the form