Start Directly

If you're the first collaborator on the form submission, you can skip the email flow.

You may choose to start your submission directly if you're the first collaborator and you want to invite your collaborators in the form itself via fields.

Clicking Next on this step will open up your form and initiate the collaborative submission. Your Feathery account email will be used as collaborator 1's email.

Invite Additional Collaborators

Once you're in the form, you should make sure your form has button(s) configured with the Invite Collaborator to Submission action. Define one action per additional collaborator you want to invite to the submission (so N-1, where N is the total number of collaborators defined).

If in your collaboration template you specified that collaborators should fill out the form in order, only the next collaborator in line will receive an email invite (and only after you complete your part of the submission first). If order doesn't matter, then all additional collaborators that you've invited will receive an email invite once you've completed your part of the submission.

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