Once you have designed some sort of product selection design and have your users choice(s) in form fields, you may use a button or container to trigger the payment/checkout. This is configured by adding a "Collect Payment" action to the button (or container) as illustrated below.
Configuring a Collect Payment button in Feathery
The collect payment action on any button/container may be configured to potentially purchase multiple products. A list of one or more products may be configured with any collect payment action. Each product has a Stripe product ID (find it in your dashboard) as well as a quantity of it to be purchased. The quantity can be configured to be derived from a Feathery field or as a fixed quantity value. Using a Feathery field allows for a dynamic quantity of the product to be chosen as part of an earlier product selection step.
Collect Payment action with multiple products configured
The collect payment action triggers either a direct payment in Stripe or a redirect to a Stripe checkout page. This is determined by the previously configured Stripe integration setting for "Payment Flow".
All Stripe products must be pre-configured in the Stripe dashboard with a default price. Products with both one-time and recurring price structures (i.e. subscriptions) are supported and may be purchased together. Feathery will auto create a subscription in Stripe when products with a recurring price are purchased. However, it is important to not create a design that allows the simultaneous purchase of recurring products with different recurring periods (e.g. monthly and yearly together) as this will result in an error.
Also, Feathery only supports US dollar pricing at this time.