Dynamic form navigation

The example code below calls a web service and then makes a step navigation decision based on the return data. In this simplified example, the user's credit score is retrieved when a step is submitted and used to determine which step to navigate to next.

// When the user selects one of the refinance options, check their credit score and if > 680, goto premium offers step

function checkCreditScore() {
  // not a real url/service, example only
  // using ssn form field as url parameter
  return fetch(`https://www.example.com/checkCreditScore/?ssn=${ssn.value}`)
    .then((response) => response.json());

const refinanceOption = homeInterest.value;
if (['Cash out refinance', 'Refinancing'].includes(refinanceOption)) {
  const score = await checkCreditScore();
  if (score > 680) feathery.goToStep('premium-offers');

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