Server Side Logic and Version Control

Available on the Business Plan

Server Side Logic

On Feathery's business plan, we offer the ability to run your Logic Rules server-side to ensure any sensitive data and logic is not exposed on the frontend. You can toggle a Logic rule as "Run Server Side" to enable this behavior, and the JS logic will run on Feathery's server. Note that you won't be able to access browser functions (ex: window) with server-side logic.

Version Control with Git

Feathery's logic rules can also be version controlled with Git, so that your team can have code reviews, testing and CI/CD pipelines prior to merging the changes into your live forms. You can set a Git repo that your Feathery form will read the latest code from. Changes merged to the main branch of the Git repo will automatically be reflected in your Feathery form. You can also test staging changes as well.

Version Control of UI changes

Feathery also keeps track of each change and allows you to revert previous changes. You can stage changes and test changes live before deploying to production. Feathery also offers separation of Test and Live data environments to separate data collected from staging/test forms and production forms.

With Feathery's role-based access control, you can limit which Feathery users can push changes to production

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