Autofill Templates from Form

Automatically fill and route document templates from your form submission data

If you have an existing document template you want to automatically fill out and route, you can upload it to Feathery and map form fields and hidden fields from your forms to the documents. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Feathery detects existing fillable fields in your document and allows you to map fields to them.

  2. You may annotate the document with additional text and signature fields and position them however you want. The annotated fields may also be mapped to form/hidden fields.

To map fields, simply click the document/annotated field and use the right panel that appears to select the form or hidden field to map to the document field. You may also right click the document field and select "Attach Form Field". Once a document field is mapped it is shown with a green color.

Not all form fields can be mapped to all types of document fields. Feathery will enforce this and only offer form fields types for mapping that are compatible. Some field mappings require additional property inputs to complete the mapping. These extra properties will dynamically appear in the right panel when a document field is selected and mapped to a form field.

  • When mapping form field types that have options (dropdowns, checkbox and radio groups, button groups and question matrix) to either a document checkbox or document radio button field, you must select a field "Option Value" that will cause checkbox/radio to be checked at document fill time. In other words, if the mapped form field has this option selected, check the document checkbox or radio button.

  • When mapping a repeating form field to a document field, you may optionally enter a "Repeat Number" to indicate which repeating value to map. This is optional and if not supplied, then the list of values from the repeating form field is used to fill the document field (as appropriate).

  • When mapping a question matrix to a document checkbox or radio button, you must select a "Matrix Question" to be mapped as well as an "Option Value" (see above) . The question matrix contains multiple questions, but a mapping to a particular document checkbox or radio can only be for a particular question.

Once you've mapped your document, you can integrate it into your existing workflow for filling and routing to the desired location. For example, you can include your document as an attachment in a custom email integration to be sent to recipients.

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