Migrate to SDK v2.0.0

Feathery's 2.0.0 library is an overhaul of the existing API, with a better set of event listeners and parameter naming.
  • The onSkip and onCustomAction event listeners are now deprecated. We've introduced the onAction event listener, which runs once for each action that's triggered.
  • The setValues() function is now setFieldValues()
  • setOptions() -> setFieldOptions()
  • setStep() -> goToStep()
  • lastStep -> isLastStep()
  • stepProperties() -> getStepProperties()
  • fields -> getFormFields()
  • setErrors() -> setFieldErrors()
  • The onChange changeKeys property is now deprecated. The changed field ID can be found in the trigger property as
  • previousStepName, stepName, and totalSteps are now available only from the getStepProperties() function.